Permits & Licenses

Please find below the necessary requirements that you will need to meet in order to secure permits for Filming in Kenya:
Film license from the Kenya Film Classification Board
* Letter of Introduction.
* Complete application form.
* Copy of synopsis.
* List of crew members.
* Equipment list to include serial numbers.
* Schedule.
* Title of Film or Project.
* Subject Materials: Ad, Doc, or Feature.
* Intended Audience: State Country(ies).
* Estimated budget to be spent in Kenya.
Filming in any Civic or Municipal property: requires permission from the local authority.
Permission is also required when filming in certain roads and streets.
Temporary work permits (special passes) for foreign crew members:
Requirements: Copy of passport + 2 ID pictures (as scanned copies) + cv + academic certificates
Kenyan Immigration Visa requirements:
Please check updates according to passport holders
Equipment Customs Clearance:
Equipment list (as stated under No 1) + packing list always useful.