“Working with Andres and the Location Africa Films team was a great experience. They were very professional and diligent throughout the entire process, from pre-production to post-production. Their knowledge of the area and the people was key in allowing us to achieve our goals. I hope to do it again in the future.”  Mario Testino

”Without Bifani we certainly wouldn’t have found any disco is or late night clubs or other obscure watering holes wherever we went in East Africa. He is a boundless font of hugely important info and …oh yes, if you’re interested knows an awful lot about Africa and it’s peoples as well” Bob Geldof

”In my role as a Series Producer I wouldn¹t recommend anyone else. In my role as Director I simply wouldn’t use anyone else, Andreas brings soul to every shoot and is 110% dedicated to looking after his clients. He sets up a wicked camp, be it around a camp fire or in a 5 star hotel. He knows how to keep a location team happy, fed, watered and in Gin and Tonic! He’s brilliant with logistics and has a deep OEfront line understanding of film making which is priceless in clearing the way for a successful shoots …First class” John Maguire

“I’ll be back in a minute, get the kettle on.” Obi-wan Kenobi, Ewan Mcgregor

“The company… always performs superbly, plans in detail, executes with flair, precision and are always balanced and capable to cope with the unexpected.” I do not know another company in Kenya which would cope as well. David C. Parkinson OBE

”Your team of people were absolutely amazing and it was a pleasure to work with all of you. There are not many people who we could ask to put up a tented camp for 400 people plus the twenty of so uninvited guests!” Ian Craig

“Location Africa Films is Top Class”. Richard Needham, SimEX, iWERKS Entertainment

“…very friendly and professional production company – highly recommendable.” Annatol Kotte

“Une mission qui restera a jamais gravédans ma mémoire” Valerie Gaget, Envoye special, France 2