You may know, or you may wonder what makes Kenya an attractive destination. For the many the fauna, the so called photographic safari is the key answer. To snap a frame of a male lion yawning or a herd of elephants trekking the trackless savannah is what the excitement is all about. And indeed, Kenya hosts one of the world’s largest and widest variety of game. And it is certainly a spectacular sight. But that is not all there is to it. It’s geographical and climatic diversity is perhaps as attractive to the animals as to us.

The Australopithecus, our ancestors, they too strolled around this area leaving their skeletons for the delightful findings of some and the advancement of science. Much later the British conceded, after much deliberation, that the land, particularly the highlands, were resourceful and propitious for agriculture. Coffee and tea, among other products, grew well. The quality was high and the variety of brands was wide. So they settled.
Tourism is Kenya’s second industry providing a third of its annual revenue. It is a leading destination in Africa. Accordingly, over the past 40 years or so, it has developed a first class accommodation, communication and transport infrastructure. Luxurious and well managed lodges and hotels are spread throughout the country.

Besides the classical safaris that most tour operators offer, we believe that there is much more to be discovered in Kenya…., therefore our adventure division!

Our trips are designed to take you to places of interest where mass tourism has not yet reached and therefore such an infrastructure is not always available. Depending upon opinion, many would say unfortunately and some: fortunately! Accordingly our expeditions are prepared to be self sufficient, carrying our own camp gear, water, food and fuel supplies. Nevertheless we like to keep standards high and enjoy our outings. Our camps are set in quite unique settings and though light-weight, are of remarkable quality. We usually reach a hotel or lodge every fourth night to enjoy the swimming pool, and send postcards home. This way of exploring allows us to reach remote areas of stunning beauty, and meet their fascinating inhabitants and cultures…

As for the rest, … we feel we do better…. The petrified forest in the proximity of Koobi Flora, an archaeological site; the bird island in the middle of Lake Turkana; the Chalbi desert; Marsabit, and ever green and humid crater on top of a hill in the middle of the desert, and many other fantastic locations are our itinerary….

As for now, bon voyage…

Please consult us for your tailor made itinerary

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